June 25, 2015


Osmosis, metal, wood, artificial sinew, wax

The core of this piece is a primitive, hand punched cabbage shredder that I bought at a flea market eleven years ago in Mobile, Alabama. I wanted to reverse the outside-in motion of shredding with a sieve-like flow of inside-out. Instead of the act of tearing apart, a reversal to the current of a life-giving stream. When you run your fingers through the strands the movement of the weighted sinew is satisfying.

Creating this wall piece was a mesmerizing process. First there was the repetitive cutting, knotting and stringing of the sinew. Next came the dip/wait, dip/wait, dip/wait as each layer of wax hardened. The tip of each strand slowly building up with wax to a small sperm-like form. I've been lovingly referring to this piece as the 'hairy one'.

June 22, 2015

Urban Landscape

We spent some time snooping around industrial structures on Father's Day. One of Patrick's favorite pastimes is collecting images of decaying paint and rust. He's built a stunning gallery of urban texture on Instagram.

Photo by Patrick Scott

You can always find interesting objects to document on the urban landscape.

I had to stop and admire this patchwork facade.

Photo by Patrick Scott

Patrick knows exactly where to look for grungy texture--loading docks are good.

Found art installation: a jumbled pile of pipes.

We all love exploring the urban landscape. Lizzie's number one rule is to bring a water bottle.

Photo by Lizzie Scott

Yarn-bombing and said water bottle ;)

Photo by Patrick Scott

Photo by Lizzie Scott

We ended our exploration at the perfect place for a cold beer and Father's Day dinner....The Springfield Brewing Company.

June 19, 2015

This & That

A lovely package arrived in the mail this week containing an original terracotta tile by the UK artist Claire Loder. I was the lucky winner of a giveaway she hosted on Instagram. Thank you Claire--she's a beauty! If you're not yet familiar with Claire's work you must take a look--the quirky cast of characters she sculpts are something special.

A few things of recent interest to me from the interwebs and beyond (ie, I read this & looked at that):

Where does our time go?

Looking at Barbara Hepworth.

Behind the contemporary mask.

Fascinated by the color blue?

"Don't be intimidated about anything."

Peek inside Sandra Eterovic's home.

June 16, 2015

Raw Guts

Raw Guts, rope, paper, plaster, resin, metal coating, patina, wax

I've had this idea knocking around in my brain, the use of rope as an umbilical cord tethering two objects in a symbiotic yin-yang. Joining objects with this leash lends them a visible bond of push/pull, you/me, his/her, hard/soft, give/take, inside/outside. In this piece I wanted to create forms that are both in and of the body, neither definitively male or female but a tug-a-war of body parts. They are balanced and yet not.

Raw Guts wrapped on a cymbal stand, waiting for patina.

The fun thing about this piece is its versatility. It can be displayed in many formats, hanging from a hook or piled on the floor. Stretched out or falling off a pedestal. I've a feeling there will be more of these rope pieces coming.

Wearing/Cradling Raw Guts.

June 11, 2015


Vintage Kisslock Coin Purses

Gathering objects for my work is an ongoing ritual. Sometimes an idea leads me to search for a specific object and other times the object itself sparks an idea. Here are some materials I've gathered this year.

Fishing Line On Wood Reel

Bundles of Children's Scissors & Blue Gloves

Used Zippers

Antique Coin Purses & Leather Drawstring Pouch

Old Lead Rope

Fish Stringer, Pot Hook, Hand Scale, Dog Harness & Chain

June 9, 2015


Futurity, wood stirrup, metal, resin & wax

I'm attracted to the form of the drop and its visual weight. Much is hidden within a drop. It can be life-giving or signify disaster. A drop of water. A drop of blood. A drop of semen. As part of the whole it can cause destruction. It gushes. It will bring on a flood. Yet a single drop is also powerful and life changing. A teardrop can speak volumes or silently witness a turn of events. A drop of semen can spawn life both wanted and unwanted. Inside a cave water drips steadily, over the span of time creating otherworldly scenes. Its qualities are beautiful and build to a crescendo of life and death.