March 10, 2010

Objects of Gray

The sky has been gray and the weather rainy for two looooong days. More rainy days are in the forecast so I found myself scouting around on Etsy for objects of gray to share with you today. Have I ever mentioned that I have a thing for buttons? This card of floral beauties is available at jawwadel, $12.00.

Of all the sewing machines on Etsy--talk about a sculptural object! (bellalulu, $48.00)

Yes, I realize it's white but the photo is grayish and I've had my eye on this voluptuous object for some time. One of the amazing finds at bluebellbazaar, $69.00.

Simply beautiful. (gypsyscaravan9, $15.50)

Never would have guessed these were fishing net buoys had I come across a pile of them. I do know they are crazy cool objects. (stilettogirl, $10.00)

And....of course I had to find an umbrella to finish off this theme of gray. (HazeyJaneVintage, $28.00)


  1. Hi Suzanna! Tis the season for gray skies;) Love all your finds...especially loving the card of buttons and that little sewing machine.

    Thanks so much for including my umbrella (Lisa's RetroStyle aka HazeyJaneVintage).

  2. fishing net buoys?! that is sweet...