December 23, 2010

Happy Christmas To All

Illustration by Hilda Miloche & Wilma Kane, 1947

Well, it's the eve of Christmas Eve and I thought I would take a moment to extend a big thank you to every single one of you who have stopped by my blog this year. It has been a wonderful experience and I'm enjoying the many new friendships and connections from around the world. I'm going to take a little break and will look forward to seeing you back here on New Year's Eve (or maybe even the eve of New Year's Eve). From my family to you and yours...Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!


  1. Hope you had a restful Christmas! Whew!


  2. Whew is right!! Yes, it was quiet/peaceful/restful. We didn't travel. Just the 3 of us at home. Soooo nice.

  3. growing (70's/80's) up we had a family heirloom book that ended with that illustration and drove my sister and I batty that it said Happy Christmas, lol.

  4. Hehe! Yes, it is a "old-timey" slogan isn't it?!