January 18, 2011

Park Bench Family

Thanks to the new activity feed on Etsy I was able to snatch up these old figurines on impulse a few weeks ago from Gracie's Cottage. I've lovingly dubbed them the "park bench family" and they do make such a charming family unit, don't you think? They are made a some sort of composite material and the very sparse, chippy paint is one of their main attractions in my eyes. The first order of business will be to seal in the remaining bits as it continues to flake off at the slightest touch. I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of these make their way into an assemblage sometime soon but for now I'll let them hang out together on that "park bench."


  1. ha! Those are awesome - a great find!

  2. Super find! My eye goes straight to the chipping paint.

  3. oh lucky you!
    Those are great and the colors left are amazing.
    activity feed is trouble, so much great stuff pops up.

  4. Wonderful -- and a tiny bit creepy.

  5. Very cool. Looks like they've been around and seen quite a bit in their days...

  6. Glad ya'll like this slightly dysfunctional family :)

    You're right Amy--that activity feed spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for me and my Paypal account.