April 7, 2011

Doll Face Collection

I must divulge that I'm slightly addicted to the blog Things Organized Neatly. It's inspiring to see so many others share my obsession with orderly compositions 'n details (*ahem*--there--I've just confessed to being OCD). And now...so that I can submit a new image over at TON I've photographed my collection of vintage doll/face/mask thingamajigs. I'm warning you though--if you haven't visited TON yet--you'll be sucked into this obsession too.


  1. love the faces, rabbit is my fav.
    You always have the neatest displays in your picture taking.
    I just visited, TON and I am in love.
    I will have to give it a whril, setting out my things to photograph that is.
    Thanks for the inspiration :)

  2. Great shots! I like the top one best. And you know I love TON!

  3. Oh yes! Give it a whirl Amy. I know you've got lots of things 'n collections you can organize neatly ;)

  4. Hey Jenn! You are a TON pro for sure!!

  5. Ah, those lovely little faces all in rows. Adorable!

  6. I don't think I can even comprehend what an orderly composition is.
    I relate to the second photo and envy you for doing the first photo!
    Love your doll faces!