April 13, 2011

Paper Lace

As many of you know I'm a sucker for old doilies and lace. I recently purchased these remarkably delicate paper doily placemats from Beca Runs. Aren't they just perfect? And the packaging?! Oh my! I've been looking for more of the Milapaco designs but they are seemingly elusive. This box of lovelies is copyrighted November 28, 1942 by the Milwaukee Lace Paper Company. I have grand plans for these but wanted to share them in their original form before I start snipping 'em up.


  1. it is so amazing that people took the time to set a table as shown on the packaging.
    Can't wait to see what you do with them for modern times.

  2. Yes, I think place settings like that are a dying art. We're not that formal at our house. lol!

  3. Never seen any so ornate as these. Beautiful.