April 1, 2011

Puppet Girls

I'm downright delighted by these 'puppet girls' Lizzie created. They've been entertaining both of us in the studio for the past couple days. Just in case you ever need one...an afghan draped over the back of a chair creates the perfect puppet stage. Miss Bluey, Miss Greeny, Miss Rainbowy, Miss Yellowy and Miss Redy will be amusing us all weekend with their antics I'm sure. Happy April and don't forget to steer clear of those April Fool's Day pranksters!


  1. those are SO awesome! You got one talented little girly there :)

  2. adorable
    and love the afghan stage, genius!

  3. So much fun watching her make things! Today we made little flower pots for her dollhouse. I may have to blog those too 'cuz they turned out super cute.