April 21, 2011

Tea Party Time

Vintage Tea Party Time Set

If you're anything like us there's always time for a tea party! Impromptu occasions for celebration are continuously popping up at our house. Lizzie will spread out her dishes and serve us all little imaginary cakes, pies (with whipped cream on top of course), tea and usually some strawberry juice too. We politely sip our drinks and smack our lips as we eat the party fare--seriously, I hope she never outgrows this tea party habit 'cuz I for one will miss it when she does!

Spring Fling, A Collection of Tin Saucers

Vintage Afternoon Tea Service

Really Red, A Collection of Tin Saucers

Dutch Children, Tin Cups & Saucers


  1. awwww,
    what a great time in life.
    Your collection of tea items are wonderful.
    Brooklyn is obsessed with spoons and cups, I just found him a tea set yesterday and he doesn't have a clue what the teapot is or the plates he just carries around the spoon and cup and stirs and drinks.

  2. Nice! Wishing you and your loved ones a happy easter. :-D

  3. cute! love your tea related collections.
    thanks for your comment re the website.
    i'd recommend those guys, as its as easy as setting up on etsy or flikcr! most of the thought goes into categorising and sections!
    have a fun weekend xx

  4. Glad y'all enjoyed these tea sets :)

    Amy--i can just see your little guy carrying around his spoon and cup and stirring away. Before you know it he'll figure it out and be serving you tea 'n cookies!

    stbonifacio--*waving hello towards the East coast* Hope you had a good Easter too.

    Belinda--I'm really going to look into that website service and am thinking it would make a good summer project. I need it to be easy peasy for sure!