July 19, 2011

Mother Goose Circus

Back in the 1930's Kellogg's did promotions through a children's radio program with The Singing Lady. Children could redeem their cereal box tops for The Singing Lady's songbooks or fun items such this fantastic Singing Lady's Mother Goose Circus paper-craft diorama. If I could redeem boxtops for treasures like these today I'd be eating cereal three meals a day! I've been holding onto these for years but am thinkin' I may do something with them soon. Even after the Circus Wagon and Animal Crackers assemblage pieces I'm still in the mood for some circus-y fun and the carnival is coming to town this weekend. How can I resist?


  1. Suzanna, Thanks for sharing these images, so fricken cool! Love them all.

  2. Sure thing Walter! Glad you like this circusy fun ;)