August 4, 2011

Vintage Watercolor Tins

This slew of old lithographed watercolor tins was a lucky score on Ebay. I love thinking of all the pictures painted by kids (all grown up now) with these partially used cakes of paint! It was a pleasure to photograph these as a collection and put them together into smaller groupings which will make their way into the shop later on in the week.


  1. These painting tins are amazing, what a lucky find! By the way my name is rachel and i am a huge follower of your vintage etsy account. I have recently started an account of my own and i just started a blog to try my hand in that as well. if you have the time i would be honored if you would be my first follower, im still getting the hang of it. the blog is if not keep up the amazing work. thanks!

  2. Thank you Rachel and Kim! Glad you enjoyed the collection of tins.

  3. Really pretty, I wish I had seen them first :3 I'd love to have them but I really don't want to pay a markup!

  4. Who but you would think to make art out of paint this collection...I have a few too.

  5. Came across this in Pinterest this morning! Gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you Henriette! Welcome & so glad to have you following along :)