September 21, 2011

Observing Squirrels

Lizzie and I have been observing the squirrels on our recent walks and noticed they always seem to have an acorn in their mouths these days--gathering food for the winter months no doubt! She thought it would be handy if they had little baskets to carry on their tails. We spotted a bright red one scampering up the tree in our front yard this morning. He was a friendly fellow and even paused for a moment so we could take his picture!


  1. I miss squirrels so much!!!
    I love her idea of a basket for their tails!
    Adorable :)


  2. My daughter and I have been watching a squirrel burying nuts in our lawn this week. And when he or she is gone, we creep out to have a look -- it's impossible to tell where the nut is as the soil doesn't seem disturbed at all. Ingenious! (And how do they find them again afterwards??)

  3. I'll have to send a few to you Amy!! We're *almost* overrun by 'em ;)

    So true Jane! How do they find them all again?! Clever little guys that's for sure.