September 22, 2011

Spoons & Clothespins

Tin Spoons

Wooden Clothespins

A couple of old-school objects listed this week at Sushipot Parts. I picked up the tin spoons at a local antique shop and my Dad scored the clothespins at a yard sale in his neighborhood. Thanks Dad! Don't you just love their varied 'n weathered patinas?


  1. Hi Suzanna
    I love the little spoons and I can never ever pass up more clothespins, no matter how many piles I have in my studio already, :)

  2. I do love how each clothespin has its own unique coloration... Do you already have any projects in mind for them?

  3. You have parents that garage sale for you too! Love that!

  4. Never too many clothespins Amy!

    I guess some have stood in the sun more days than others to get all these pretty shades.

    Kim--Nothing specific in mind for these (yet!) although I do know that Lizzie has some craft projects she wants to make with some.

    Beth--Yes! They love to garage sale too. I'm super lucky they send me goodies too :)