November 17, 2011

1955 Noah's Ark Toy Catalog

Toy catalogs that arrive in the mailbox these days are full of slick pages and glossy photographs. When I came across this treasure on newsprint I had to add it to my ephemera collection. The catalog is from Noah's Ark department stores, Christmas 1955. Thought you'd enjoy browsing a few of its pages. Of course my favorite page has got to be the one with the doll house and tea sets! Just click on each image to enlarge and read--and, if you feel like reminiscing through more toys from the 1950's here is another catalog I shared last season.


  1. oooo what a treat.
    I just love old catalogs
    It was always the best time of year waiting for the wishbooks and dog earring the pages hoping and wishing somehow that they would show up at my house.

  2. I'm literally rationing the toy catalogs that arrive to Lizzie 'cuz she loves pouring over them. When I need some extra time to do something I just hand her a new catalog. Might backfire on me when Santa gets a super long, detailed list. lol!