December 14, 2011

My Kiva Resolution

About this time every year I start to think about the resolutions I didn't follow through with from the previous New Year. But this December I'm here to report to you that I've carried out my resolution from last year to make a Kiva loan every month (although I hate to admit my other resolutions didn't fair as well!).

Kiva's mission as a non-profit organization is to connect people from all over the world together through lending with the goal of alleviating poverty. The best part is you can get involved for a minimum loan of just $25.00! This year I've lent to a baker in Iraq, a weaver in the Philippines (her picture above), a stone carver in Kenya and a bee keeper in Armenia (see first photo) just to name a few of the diverse countries and sectors represented on the site.

Once you start lending you can track the progress of each loan and get all kinds of basic stats and regular loan status updates via email. As you can see I tended to loan mostly to others in the Arts but was quite diverse when it came to where I made each loan.

The experience has been rewarding in so many ways and I've decided to double up this coming year and pledge 2 loans a month. Running a small business has its challenges each and every day and this is definitely a way to pay forward those opportunities that I've been given through my own small business. I've attached a short video from Kiva above--it illustrates how one small loan can help to make a huge difference in another persons life.


  1. what a giving heart you have.
    This is an amazing way of giving back to help others achieve their dreams
    Happy Holidays

  2. Happy holidays too Amy :) Have you tried Kiva yet?! There is a Kiva team on Etsy also.