December 23, 2011

Merry & Happy

I picked up these handmade Christmas paper dolls earlier in the year at Miss Pickles Attic and have been saving them for a special day to share with you. The elfish looking Santa and sweet holly leaf girl along with a few of their cousins are part of our holiday decor this year.

Looking back on 2011 I have so much to be thankful for and smack at the top of the list is my gratitude for each Sushipot patron and blog reader. Thank you for supporting me and my family this year. Patrick, Lizzie and I send you wishes for a Merry Holiday and a Happy Christmas wherever you may be and however you may celebrate.

And for now I say adieu...I'll see you in the New Year!

December 22, 2011

The Late Thirties

So am I officially in my "late thirties" now? According to Patrick and Lizzie I am! Oh well...I'm going to embrace it and say being 37 is g-r-e-a-t! I've been showered with lots of birthday surprises and phone calls from family near and far AND Patrick made me his best red velvet cake ever. He makes one for me every year on my birthday but this one topped all the rest. I mean it was perfection. Excuse me while I go sneak another slice....

December 21, 2011

Pops Of Color

New pops of color in the vintage shop this week including some old school tin clickers (great for that New Year's Eve party!) and another set of color cubes.

December 19, 2011

The Bargain Barrel

The Bargain Barrel is a hidden gem for thrifter's here in Manhattan, Kansas. It's a small, second hand shop off the beaten path but is always chock-ful of surprises. You never know what you'll find among their varied selection and I have never left empty-handed or more realistically with an empty trunk!

It's family-owned and family-run by a father/daughter team, Phil Petty and Kelsey Currie (how cool is that?). In fact I learned that Kelsey is one of my loyal blog readers (*waves at Kelsey*) the last time I stopped in a couple weeks ago. She keeps the place in tip-top shape and has everything organized with fun labels so it's a pleasure to browse.

And...I cannot mention The Bargain Barrel without introducing Chicken, the shop's cat-in-residence. Chicken was adopted as a kitten when she was found in the dumpster at a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken. She's such a friendly-lickin' cat and adds character to the shop--there's even a sign on the front door warning customers that Chicken likes to lick (see first photo)!

I've amassed quite a collection of vintage beads which I love using in pieces like The Circus Wagon.

The glass cabinets are always fully stocked with vintage and antique treasures at very reasonable prices.

If you collect vinyls, this is definitely a place to browse. We even picked up some old records for our antique Victrola on a recent visit.

A couple of the aisles are stocked with random hardware, tools and old objects of interest. You know....the kind of stuff that appeals to assemblage artists.

Speaking of hidden treasures, this fun floral print was lining the drawer of a old wooden cubby. I resisted but it was kinda hard. Patrick says "NO MORE FURNITURE"!

A jar 'o buttons on the front counter. Need I say more?

Drool. Love the graphics. I may have to go back and get the Tiddly Winks 'cuz I keep thinking of that cute clown with his polka dot suit.

So....if you've lost your marbles or if your passing through The Little Apple be sure to stop in The Bargain Barrel and see what hidden treasures are waiting for you!

December 16, 2011

Caution: Reindeer

There's been a crafty craze of reindeer in these parts. I was greeted with this caution sign yesterday afternoon when I ventured out of the studio. Since then an entire herd of these candy cane reindeer has been spotted roaming the house and making their way into packages for loved ones near and far. And below....another version of reindeer and candy cane craftiness. Someone's been busy!

December 14, 2011

My Kiva Resolution

About this time every year I start to think about the resolutions I didn't follow through with from the previous New Year. But this December I'm here to report to you that I've carried out my resolution from last year to make a Kiva loan every month (although I hate to admit my other resolutions didn't fair as well!).

Kiva's mission as a non-profit organization is to connect people from all over the world together through lending with the goal of alleviating poverty. The best part is you can get involved for a minimum loan of just $25.00! This year I've lent to a baker in Iraq, a weaver in the Philippines (her picture above), a stone carver in Kenya and a bee keeper in Armenia (see first photo) just to name a few of the diverse countries and sectors represented on the site.

Once you start lending you can track the progress of each loan and get all kinds of basic stats and regular loan status updates via email. As you can see I tended to loan mostly to others in the Arts but was quite diverse when it came to where I made each loan.

The experience has been rewarding in so many ways and I've decided to double up this coming year and pledge 2 loans a month. Running a small business has its challenges each and every day and this is definitely a way to pay forward those opportunities that I've been given through my own small business. I've attached a short video from Kiva above--it illustrates how one small loan can help to make a huge difference in another persons life.

December 13, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday

Happy 7th Birthday Lizzie!
We've enjoyed every snippet of time spent with you
this past year and look forward to a new one.
We love you.

Mommy & Daddy

December 12, 2011

Still Time To Shop!

There's still time to shop at Sushipot and Sushipot Parts if you live within the United States. I'm offering free shipping at Sushipot and this coupon is still valid at Sushipot Parts. Anything you order at either shop between now and December 20th will be automatically upgraded to Priority Mail via USPS to ensure you receive your goodies by Christmas Eve. And...thought you may wanna to know that I'm still working on my shopping list too...we still have plenty of time!

December 9, 2011

Dad's Office Decor

Lizzie has made sure that Patrick's office at school is properly decked out for the holidays. He's more a 'glass half empty' sort of guy thus the Charlie Brown tree!

Lights 'round the white board and a Dr. Suessian-like tree drawn by Lizzie. By the way, all her drawings of xmas trees this year have only ONE ornament..."just like Dad's". ha ha ha!

No...they didn't consume 13 boxes of candy canes. Those happen to be for Patrick's lucky students but...

....they did get crafty and turn some into candy cane reindeer!

Happy weekend all :)

PS: A big thank you to Patrick for the Hipstamatic photos.

Holiday Collage Blocks

Grab 'em while you can! New holiday collage blocks posted in the shop this morning. I'm thinking this may be the last round of these for the season--we shall see.

December 6, 2011

Vintage Toy Love

This is just a sampling of the vintage toy goodness currently available at Sushipot Parts. And...for the love of vintage toys I want to offer YOU a special coupon code which can be redeemed on any of these lovelies between now and Christmas Eve.

20% Coupon Code:

December 5, 2011

December Daze

Gosh, I've sure been sporadic in this bloggy space--it's kinda the name of the game right now. We had a record breaking day of sales on Sunday and have been scrambling to get it all out the door and on its way 'round the world. Seriously fun to ship to the United Kingdom, Israel, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and over a dozen US states in a 24 hour period! Thank you to all of you wonderful Sushipot patrons! Before all this ensued we did attend our local Christmas parade and enjoyed many a Christmas story. Now back to the studio...!