February 1, 2012

1920's Valentine Scraps

First off I just wanna know where the heck the month of January went?! Did it completely pass you by too? I was still recovering from the holidays and then realized the month was over. Guess I'd better get it in gear (mentally speaking) at least. It's been kinda hard with the weirdly warm winter 'round these parts. The bank sign on the way to the post office today stated it was 66 degrees!

I did have grand plans to make up a whole bunch of Valentine-y ornaments and such for the shops but with 2 weeks 'till that special day I'm behind on those plans. I did manage to purchase these charming Valentine scraps to use in the pieces, but I think they will be added to the ephemera files for next year. These particular scraps were manufactured by the Carrington Company of Chicago, Illinois circa 1920's. Super sweet paper bits aren't they?

Happy February all!


  1. Oh I love vintage Valentine's! They are so cute and innocent

  2. Nothing sweeter than a vintage valentine! Can't wait to see how you use them next year!