February 14, 2012

Betty's Valentines

I've been saving these handmade Valentines for months with the intention of sharing them with you today. Each of the darling cards are inscribed to a girl named Betty--I'm thinking she must have saved them from a class party many years ago. Lucky for me she did as they are now a special part of my ephemera collection. My hands-down favorite is the clown Valentine but that anthropomorphic heart comes a close second. May you and your Valentine(s) have a very special day together!


  1. These are 10 zillion times better than anything a person could possibly buy. Betty was a lucky gal, for sure. Wouldn't it be cool to know what Betty was up to now, and if she remembers receiving (and giving) Valentines? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you enjoyed these handmade lovlies ladies!

    Cindy--yes, I sure wish we could find out what Betty is up to these days!