February 6, 2012

Landscape Stripes

We've been enjoying a new addition to our collection of art objects, Landscape Stripes, a delicate collage by the lovely artist Joy Patrice O'Brien. I'm loving every little detail about it--from it's geometric overtones to the pencil markings and (of course!) the tattered book page. For now, it's nestled on top of our front room bookshelves as I've quite used up my quota of allotted nail holes in our rental house. The whole 'leaning' look is growing on me as a result.


  1. you're the best, suzanna. i can't tell you how cool it is seeing my work in your home. beautiful grouping. thanks again!

  2. Love the artwork! Don't you hate renting?! I am not allowed to hang anything on my farmhouse plaster walls...very VERY hard for me!

  3. Thank you Joy :) We love it!

    Yes Kelsey!! Renting definitely has its downsides. Don't think we'll ever get our deposit back due to the walls. Oh well :(