June 5, 2012

Lotsa Boxes

Lotsa boxes are being dusted off 'n posted in the shop. Guess I've been kinda hoarding these boxes but I do use them from time to time to make shadowbox assemblage pieces.

Green Wooden Boxes, Set of 3

But...the truth of the matter is I have way too many boxes and many of 'em moved with us from Mobile, Alabama four years ago. Patrick's graduate school stint is quickly drawing to a close here in Manhattan and an inevitable move is on the horizon next summer.

Old Sewing Drawers, Set of 2

So...my new, self-imposed rule is if IT moved with us to Kansas from Alabama it won't be moving again. Basically, I've gotta Lighten. The. Load.

Extra Long Wooden Drawer/Box

These boxes are great for displaying baubles on the coffee table, holding art supplies in the studio OR making shadowbox assemblages ('cuz that's what I love doing with 'em).

Galvanized Metal Bucket

And...there's even an old bucket in the shop right now. Picked this one up off the side of the road in Alabama. You never know what you'll find on an afternoon stroll!


  1. Oh lordy I have a weakness for old boxes!! those green ones are lovely.. Do you have to move? You represent The Little Apple so well! :)

  2. You're so sweet Kelsey! I know...i don't wanna move either. I really like living in the Little Apple :(