February 28, 2012

Duck & Frog Assemblage

Mr. Duck, mixed media assemblage

Mr. Frog, mixed media assemblage

Even though there are still a few weeks until the "official" start of spring, I'm already dreamin' of it and all its pizzazz (love that word!). Two lighthearted assemblages, Mr. Duck and Mr. Frog, are hanging out in the shop as of this morning. Are you dreaming of springtime too?

February 27, 2012

Eye Candy

Most of the weekend was spent photographing some of my personal collections for a special project. Since I can't share them here yet I took a few Hipstamatic images so you'd have some eye candy on this Monday afternoon. Enjoy!

February 21, 2012


Ring-Around-The-Rosy, mixed media assemblage

Another (slightly satirical) narrative assemblage depicting the popular children's rhyme, "Ring-Around-The-Rosy". We all played this game as a child and now play it with our kids (it's a fav of Lizzie's), but it seems every one of us has been taught a slightly different version. I know the chant I taught Lizzie is slightly different than the one Patrick remembers. And...it looks as if this old rhyme's origins are debated to this day. Whether or not it is a morbid reminder of those who suffered through the Bubonic Plague in the 14th century or just a lighthearted sing-song of youth it will always remain a popular reverie of childhood memories.

Interview With Red Road Designs

Scott's Porage Oats, illustration at Red Road Designs

The Scottish designer, Jay Anderson, of Red Road Designs interviewed me over the weekend. You can read the interview here on his blog and be sure to peruse Jay's entire Creative Interview series. Thank you for the fun questions Jay--I'll look forward to following along as you talk with other creative folks!

February 19, 2012

Collage Pendants

Spent a bit of time fiddling around in the studio this weekend and came up with some new collage pendants. They are on a smaller scale than these and the miniature collage was created using leftover scraps from this pile. I was quite pleased with the abstract patterns that emerged and am thinkin' I may have to keep one for myself.

February 16, 2012

Speaking Of Blocks

And...speaking of blocks....here are a couple more sets that I've added to the virtual shelves of the vintage shop this week. Never seen anything like either of these before which is always a plus in my book. Unique alphabet block sets for artists and/or collectors!

German Alphabet Pasteboard Blocks

Wooden Alphabet Tile Set

February 14, 2012

Betty's Valentines

I've been saving these handmade Valentines for months with the intention of sharing them with you today. Each of the darling cards are inscribed to a girl named Betty--I'm thinking she must have saved them from a class party many years ago. Lucky for me she did as they are now a special part of my ephemera collection. My hands-down favorite is the clown Valentine but that anthropomorphic heart comes a close second. May you and your Valentine(s) have a very special day together!

February 13, 2012

Arranging Junk

Assorted rusty furniture wheels

Old photo print blocks

Chippy door hinges

I spent a lot of time this weekend sorting and arranging junk (errrr...found objects) for the vintage shop. More to come 'cuz I've got boxes 'n bins full of random goodness just waiting to be shared with you.

February 11, 2012

Spring-y Collage Blocks

Butterflies, flowers, birds, bunnies 'n eggs--all sorts of Spring-y type images for this new round of collage blocks. Enjoy!

February 9, 2012

Grey Garden

Smock de Meule by Mother

When dreary weather calls for inspiration it's time to make a treasury! The fabulous Yokoo opened her new shop, Mother, earlier this week so I had to include my latest object of desire--the Smock de Meule. I don't think I've ever considered wearing a smock before but now I have this insatiable urge to wear this one. If I owned it I think I might wear it every day...it would become my uniform of sorts. Let's just say I love Mother! Oh...and be sure to take a look at my entire treasury, Grey Garden.

February 6, 2012

Landscape Stripes

We've been enjoying a new addition to our collection of art objects, Landscape Stripes, a delicate collage by the lovely artist Joy Patrice O'Brien. I'm loving every little detail about it--from it's geometric overtones to the pencil markings and (of course!) the tattered book page. For now, it's nestled on top of our front room bookshelves as I've quite used up my quota of allotted nail holes in our rental house. The whole 'leaning' look is growing on me as a result.

February 1, 2012

1920's Valentine Scraps

First off I just wanna know where the heck the month of January went?! Did it completely pass you by too? I was still recovering from the holidays and then realized the month was over. Guess I'd better get it in gear (mentally speaking) at least. It's been kinda hard with the weirdly warm winter 'round these parts. The bank sign on the way to the post office today stated it was 66 degrees!

I did have grand plans to make up a whole bunch of Valentine-y ornaments and such for the shops but with 2 weeks 'till that special day I'm behind on those plans. I did manage to purchase these charming Valentine scraps to use in the pieces, but I think they will be added to the ephemera files for next year. These particular scraps were manufactured by the Carrington Company of Chicago, Illinois circa 1920's. Super sweet paper bits aren't they?

Happy February all!