Pyrography Portraits

I'm thinking I was quite lucky to come across such a unique pair of antique pyrography portraits. Although I was sorely tempted to keep these ladies for our own collection they were purchased with shop funds and into the shop they must go! You can read all about 'em right here.

Blockville Village

We've been building little villages with these charming Blockville blocks by Halsam. When it comes to photographing toys for the shop, Lizzie is always eager to help set things up. I think she kinda likes having this rotating source of new 'old' toys to play with!

Tying Shoes

Big news...Lizzie learned to tie her own shoes this week! I think this new pair of pink Converse did the trick nicely. She had been wanting another pair just like these cuties, ever since she outgrew them a couple years ago. We did insist on them having laces and not velcro of course. Now we just need a few trips to the park this weekend to break them in!

Do Your Thing

This inspiring video of a young entrepreneur named Caine was blogged by Jan over at Poppytalk last week. I thought I'd share it again here to make sure none of you miss out on this story of one child's creative determination and the encouragement he's received from his community for "doing his thing"--building his own arcade out of cardboard boxes. If you live in the Los Angeles area be sure to go buy a Fun Pass at Caine's Arcade! Or...if you live far away head over here to donate to Caine's Arcade Scholarship Fund. This kid is gonna go far doing his thing and I gotta say its an inspirational reminder to keep on creating and just Do Your Thing!

Clown Assemblages

Things have been super busy in the studio recently. I've just finished up a handful of custom pieces including these silly fellows. Looks like I'll be assembling clowns for a while yet.

Bunny Jumble

All the bunnies 'round here are in a jumble trying to get organized for the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Thinkin' they may need a bit of help! May you and yours have a relaxing weekend together and be sure to enjoy all your sweet treats.

Guest Post at Pussycat Vintage

Follow me over to the Pussycat Vintage blog where I am guest blogging today. The lovely Nicole asked me to share a bit about my work and inspiration. Thank you for such a fun opportunity Nicole and welcome to all of you PCV readers!

Writing Stories

Many stories are being written 'round our house these days. We've also just discovered the treasure trove of Sparkle Stories. Worth every penny since Mommy enjoys listening to them too. A Happy Tuesday and a Happy April to you as it's the first time I've popped in this month!