September 25, 2012

Fall Things Zines

We made "Fall Things" zines over the weekend to celebrate the beginning of the new season. Lizzie and I filled ours with things that remind us of Fall and Patrick did a literal interpretation of 'things that fall in the Fall' (and other times of year!). If you want to make one too, here are instructions on how to fold a mini zine. We used the single page option, no staples necessary. Happy Fall y'all!

September 23, 2012

2012 Holiday Art Blocks

We dusted off our elf caps here at Sushipot headquarters this weekend. The very first batch of 2012 Holiday Art Blocks are ready and waiting to be posted in the shop tonight!

September 21, 2012

Rainbows 'n Cupcakes

May your last day of summer be filled with rainbows 'n cupcakes :) We're planning to kick off the new season with another family bike ride this weekend. What are your plans?

September 19, 2012

Oh Happy Day

Oh Happy Day (an Etsy treasury)

Today marks six years on Etsy and boy am I happy I stumbled across it when I did! Patrick pointed out to me that it's the longest I've ever held down a job (haha!). Perusing the Etsy marketplace for daily inspiration and composing treasuries is a guilty pleasure of mine. At least I don't have a boss telling me it's time to get back to work (just that nagging voice in my head!). 

Pssst....don't miss Sushipot's shopwide Etsy-versary sale. Details here.

September 13, 2012

Celebrating Six Years

Sushipot's 6th Birthday Cake by Lizzie, age 7

It's a party over here folks! We're gearing up to celebrate Sushipot's 6th year on Etsy. The official "Etsy-versary" is September 19th but I'm kicking things off early with a week long sale! We want to say thank you to each and every patron who has supported us these past 6 years by having the biggest Sushipot sale ever!!

September 12, 2012

The Fountain Head Catalog

Every once in a while an ephemeral treasure crosses my path and this old jewelers catalog is right up there with the best of 'em. Riddled with character (and a bit of mold) the volume once served as a scrapbook for a lady named Alice at the end of the 19th century. Lucky for me, Ms. Kelsey Currie over at the Bargain Barrel stowed this fascinating volume away and show it to me when I stopped by one day. Of course, I could not resist once I saw its tattered contents!

The catalog was published in 1890 by The Fountain Head for Jewelers Supplies. It seems as though Alice was using this book as a housekeeping file system (kinda the way I use Evernote these days). The pages are filled with recipe clippings for everything from Banana Blanc Mange to Buckwheat cakes, pasted snippets with housekeeping tips and exclamations over the trials of a poor ironer. A couple of pages have clippings with first aid treatments and herbal remedies. There are several pages pasted with obituaries, wedding and graduation announcements, poems and even a few short stories.

The first time I perused the book I was absorbed by the haphazard elements of faded newsprint contrasting the crisp black and white etchings of clocks, fancy tea sets and other fine wares. I love the stains, the blotches and even the torn newsprint. This is the stuff that mesmerizes me! Now I'll stop rambling and let it mesmerize you (and don't forget you can click the images to view in their full size loveliness.)

September 9, 2012

Sundays Fundays

Lizzie hasn't missed wearing her Little Miss Sunshine, Sundays Fundays shirt, for a Sunday since she got it over a year ago. Now Sunday's are officially our family fun-day. (I swear she was having fun despite that look. hah!)

Today we decided to take our co-pilot bike trailer on a long-ish ride and explore the Linear Trail here in Manhattan. It was a gorgeous Kansas day and before we knew it we'd covered over 6 miles and then had to pedal back to our car.

Twelve-ish miles is not bad for us and the longest ride for Lizzie yet. And yes...she did pedal the entire way!

Of course we had to stop for a few Instagram shots on an old bridge.

Patrick is Mr. Chippy Paint over on IG. You can find him @elasticity if chippy paint is your thing.

I don't mind stopping for Patrick's chippy paint images 'cuz he's always patiently stopping for my "just-a-quick-look-see" at antique malls 'n thrift shops when we're out and about. I'm tellin' ya....marriage is all about compromise ;)

Mom (me!) insisted on a quick family snapshot at the end of our trail. We all agreed it was a great Sunday Funday....

....and then we polished off our day with "bicycle soup". Hope you had a Sunday Funday too!

September 8, 2012

September Art Blocks

This batch of collage art blocks is the first one for September. My grand plan is to have them all in the shop tonight. Let's see if that happens....

September 6, 2012

Silence Is Golden

Silence Is Golden, embroidery on linen by Colette Copeland

Silence Is Golden (an Etsy treasury)

So true. I covet golden nuggets of silence--those little pockets of quiet in the day when silence tends to sparkle for a moment. Earlier today I discovered this charming embroidered piece by Colette Copeland and was inspired to put together a treasury. Enjoy!

September 4, 2012

1950's Grocery Snippets

While I was out grocery shopping today I remembered a little stash of 1950's grocery snippets I had cut out months ago when in need of some therapy (hah!). I made a mental note to find the clippings when I got home. No idea what I'll do with these now that I've unearthed them but I sure do love them. Makes me wanna step back in time and browse the aisles in these grocery stores. Happy September to ya!