February 11, 2013

Postal Pains

Illustration from a 1936 First Grade reader

Despite my best efforts to keep shipping rates reasonable, with only slight increases since I opened Sushipot back in 2006, the recent USPS rate hikes are causing me to adjust rates accordingly. I spent the weekend going through the tedium of creating new shipping formulas. Wrapping my head around the ridiculous rate hikes to Canada and all other international destinations is causing me severe postal pains. For instance, the cost of shipping a small package which weighs under 5 oz has basically doubled in cost. This means some items in the vintage shop suddenly cost as much or more to ship internationally than the cost of the item itself. Makes me feel a bit ridiculous but I do want to be up front with all of you loyal patrons about these changes. Luckily many of my domestic shipping rates remain the same. Please bear with me as I'll continue to tweak the shipping rates as I find discrepancies over the coming weeks. And please know that I will refund any crazy overages in your favor!

And on a related note...an interesting op-ed published in the New York Times last Friday.


  1. Oh so feel ya on this!
    It is become that i want to close up shop.
    The canada thing cost me a fortune the other day and i got so mad
    I dont understand the hikes when there are more packages being sent than ever before.
    Good luck

    1. I hear ya Amy! I found out the hard way the other day too when I lost on a sale due to the shipping $. Had no idea they had gone up so much 'till that happened! oops. So discouraging :(

  2. Yup Post hikes hurt. We have the same here in the UK. My post costs to the USA are horrendous. 10 ounce parcel cost $20, give or take for the exchange rate. Its just about killed my International sales on Etsy and Ebay. Such a shame as I had lovely customers. x Joan

    1. Oh wow Joan! That is really high. Guess ours aren't quite that high *yet*. It is so much fun to ship items all over the globe...this is a loss for everyone :(