May 18, 2013

Cozy Spaces

We're headed to Springfield, Missouri tomorrow to scout out a new abode. I've spent the last 48 hours with the phone glued to my ear and have over a dozen places lined up for us to view. Crossing fingers we find a cozy home with studio space (for me!). These images are from a Stick 'Em Cutouts book by the Platt & Munk Company, 1939. Aren't they sweet?'s a coupon code valid at either Sushipot or Sushipot Vintage. Enter HOUSEHUNTING at checkout for 25% off your purchase. See ya on the flip side sometime next week. 


  1. Best of luck, I'm sure you will find a splendid home in a safe po-po investigations next door ;) That bedroom looks very similar to my middle school art project, we had to draw a room using a vanishing point...oh memories.

    1. We found a house Kelsey! No signs of shady business in the neighborhood at all. lol!