December 2, 2013

Vintage Ornaments

We had a low-key holiday weekend....just the three of us. On Thanksgiving we began putting together this Autumnal puzzle and surprised ourselves by finishing it the next day. The tree was set up and adorned with all our old favorites and this collection of new-to-us vintage glass ornaments. I cannot resist a steal on Ebay! Lizzie talked us into colored lights this year so our tree is a kaleidoscopic wonder and we love it :)

I'm back in the studio today packing orders and such. Thank you to all of you who've stopped by to shop at my holiday sale! The sale continues on through this week (details here). A happy month of December to you!


  1. Sounds wonderful and I totally need to get a puzzle for Christmas day this year. We used to do them before the boy came along, I think it is time to reintroduce that.
    Just us 3 as well for Thanksgiving, 3 is a good number ;)
    Yep, my hubby tried talking me into color lights this year but I compromised with a little colorful tree. Next year I think I will lose the battle of clear lights to color.
    Happy Holidays!!

    1. Three is a good number indeed! Yep...I finally caved on the colored lights and now they're kinda growing on me. I think its my favorite tree ever. Happy holidays too :)