January 31, 2013

Hello Friends

Hello friends! I feel I must explain the crickets chirping in this space and over in the shops. It's been a seemingly endless absence and frankly one I would have much preferred to do without. Long story short....we all came down with the flu early last week and are just now slooooowly making our way back into the beautiful routine of daily life. I miss it so much.

Also....if you've emailed or convo'ed me within the last 10 days please know that I am slogging through my inbox and will be in touch with you soon-ish! Thank you for understanding.

January 18, 2013

Bozo-Taur Pull Toy


A foray into the anthropomorphic world of the clown/horse/centaur. I've officially dubbed him a Bozo-Taur. The assemblage is functioning as a pull toy but is not meant for rowdy play--only gentle interaction as it is an art object after all. 

January 17, 2013

Vintage Game Boxes

Been meaning to share this collection of vintage game boxes that I listed a couple weeks ago. They're currently en route to Istanbul, Turkey (I love the international community on Etsy!). My family played a lot of games when I growing up and now we play a lot of 'em with Lizzie. This past week she's been perfecting her Checker skills and almost beat me. One of these days she will.

January 14, 2013

Yellow Clown Plaque

This chipper clown and his balloon bouquet are hanging out in the shop. Happy Monday ;)

January 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home no 2

Home Sweet Home no 2, mixed media assemblage

Another version of this theatrical rendition of the "Home Sweet Home" theme. This one is more of a 'house-within-a-house-that-kinda-resembles-a-cuckoo-clock-without-the-clock'. Its even got a swingin' pendulum....

....tick-tock, tick-tock. Welcome 3rd week of 2013!

January 10, 2013

Bricolage Collage

Now that the studio is back in working order from its yearly deep-clean I tested the creative waters with a round of Bricolage collage. Thought this was some fitting imagery for embarking on a new year, with the ships, sailor 'n bits of astronomical references. Aren't we still in a phase of contemplating the uncharted waters of 2013? Don't know about you but I sure am.

Sun Of A Sailor, Bricolage no 84, mixed media on panel

Grand Pectoral, Bricolage no 85, mixed media on panel

Slight Of Hand, Bricolage no 86, mixed media on panel

Path, Bricolage no 87, mixed media on panel

January 8, 2013

Back to the Basics

Well, I'd mentioned last week that there were some changes afoot at Sushipot and I've heard from a few of you wondering what was going on so I apologize for being a bit vague! My plan this year is to go "back to the basics" so to speak and narrow down the variety of items I offer in the shop. This means I'll no longer be offering smaller items such as the pendants, art blocks, etc. I am doing this to simplify my studio time and focus exclusively on creating one-of-a-kind assemblage and collage pieces. This is where I want to concentrate my creative energy going forward as it brings me the most satisfaction as an artist/crafter/designer/maker-of-objects. Thank you dear Sushipot patrons for bearing with me as I make these changes. I appreciate you!

PS: You can generate your own design-y quotes at Recite This. Try it. It's fun!

January 2, 2013

Crying Onion Heads

My first quirky find of the year....anthropomorphic crying onions! Have you ever seen anything like this folksy pair? I sure hadn't so I snatched 'em up for the shop. Despite their thin skins (hahaha!) they'll be certain to liven up the kitchen of one lucky soul.

January 1, 2013

Les Cubes Amusants

Much to my delight, I unearthed some lost treasures during my annual studio purge/clean/organize binge this past week. These French prints are from an old exquisite corpse game of sorts, Les Cubes Amusants

Our family is gearing up for an exciting year as we prepare to enter a new chapter of our lives....the 'Life After Grad School' chapter (hip-hip-hooray!!!). Patrick will complete his degree this Spring and we'll be moving soon after. Don't ask me where 'cuz it is yet to be determined as we're currently in the 'Full Swing Job Search' chapter ;)

Needless to say 2013 is bound to be a year full of adventure for our family. I'm not making any concrete resolutions but am embracing the changes head-on and preparing for them by simplifying 'round our home and in my studio so that we're ready to move when it's time. Due to the aforementioned purge/clean/organize binge I've got bins and bins of goodies just waiting to be photographed for the vintage shop. And....big changes afoot at Sushipot as I'll be switching gears a bit. More on that soon. For now I just wanna say from one cast of characters to another....Happy New Year!