March 31, 2014

Wooden Spoons

I picked up this lovely collection of wooden spoons at Impulse 1672 a couple of weeks ago. A worn and sturdy assortment of the most basic kitchen implement....useful for stirring and serving. For now they are hanging out in the studio but may wander to the kitchen soon 'cuz I'm still trying to decide if I should add to the collection. And now here's some spoon-spiration for you on this last Monday of the month:

Ariele talks about the magic of spoons.
Abbey found this huge spoon collection.
An old spoon assemblage by yours truly.
Elisabeth paints sweet faces on spoons.
Start your own collection via 86Home.
Remember my spoonful of ship?


  1. That wooden spoon assemblage doll you made is amazing! Love the look

    1. Thanks Kelsey! She's from way back in 2007.

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