September 22, 2014

So Long Summer

Only a few more hours 'til the official start of Fall though we've already been enjoying some cozy sweater weather. It has been a beautiful Summer....lots of lazy days, road trips and memories. Can't ask for anything better!

I want to thank all of you who celebrated with me this past weekend. Thank you for supporting my work and for all the kind words you've sent my way.


  1. it was seriously the best summer that I can ever remember having. We are still deep in summer here in the desert. I long for sweater weather. Enjoy those falling leaves and crisp mornings for me!

    1. Will do Amy! Happy to hear that you've had such a great summer with your family. Don't forget if you ever head to this part of Missouri you MUST let us know :) xo, Suzanna

  2. I definitely will!! If we decide to at home school, we will be more free to roam about the country and explore. I have to get back home soon. Its been too long.