May 13, 2010

A Vicious Cycle

There is a bit of randomness to the way I contain my collections of objects and they are constantly getting mixed up, used in my artwork, resorted and/or borrowed by Lizzie. As Patrick likes to point out, "there are no sacred objects in our house." 

So, I'm continually pondering ways to better organize all the junk in my studio. It's a constant battle of sorts and has been known to get out of control rather quickly. I would have to say my solution (when asked) is that I have learned to collect containers: tins, jars, boxes, etc. so that I always have somewhere to place my "somethings". I always say (about more than one thing in life), "it's a vicious cycle".  


  1. I love the placement of your somethings (and your somethings themselves)! Ah yes, it IS a vicious cycle, though!


  2. Thanks so much for following my blog. I love yours! Great find! Is it just me or is your blog is a bit similar to mine, entry-wise? Great to see that people like the same things eventhough there is an ocean between them!


  3. Thank you Jana!

    Welcome Ellen! I was thrilled to come across your blog the other night. Yes, wonderful to find a kindred spirit on the other side of the ocean :)

  4. Hi Suzanna
    Thanks for leaving your comment on my blog. You're very welcome to link my blogposts, it would totally be my honour!