October 20, 2010

Spirograph Patterns

Did you ever draw patterns with a Spirograph as a child? I picked up a copy of Kenner's 1967 Spirograph instruction booklet at an antique shop in Alma, Kansas a few months back. The designs are mesmerizing to look at and as I remember it kind of puts you in a trance to draw them too. You can view a collection of the various sets manufactured over the years right here and don't miss this photo of an obsessive Spirograph-ist.


  1. I still have my Spirograph set from when I was a kid, I suppose I ought to dust it off and put it to use. : )

  2. Nice post. I love nostalgia! I have a pocket version, the regular version from 1973, and another one in a red box with neon yellow pieces that my grandma had in the house for us.

  3. Yes, time to dust off the old sets and put them to use! I wish I still had mine. Glad this brought back some good Spirographing memories!!

  4. Hi
    I did a Spirograph search and found your blog entry... I thought I'd share a vendor I came across while in India:

    Love your blog and can't wait to visit your store! It's holiday time afterall! Good day to you. SC

  5. Wow, take me back.
    Good spirographing memories indeed!
    What fun. Thanks :)

  6. Hi Susan Catherine! It's a small world (web!) I had actually linked to that photo of yours on Flickr in this post (last link). Great image! Thanks for stopping in.

  7. Yes, I had one of these. Thanks for the memory. They were the best!!!

  8. Still playing with mine...sigh..and thinking red and green would make great snowflakes on handmade Christmas cards this year!

  9. I am still playing with mine :)
    See the world map I have created out of spirographs at:


    (also a time lapse video of the process)

    1. So great Rachel! Thank you for sharing the link to your spiro design!!

  10. I have just gone out and brought one from Amazon for £13.99 postage included.
    I love it when I was given one at Christmas some 40+years ago,
    great memory, love the doing the art work.