January 13, 2011

Homemade Picture Book

Rummaging through my studio this week I rediscovered this homemade cloth picture book purchased at Kelly's Vintage Goods on Etsy back in my pre-blogging days. I must tell you it has been so nice to have a group of like-minded others who enjoy my ramblings about the little things I find and buy and love. Anyhow, this picture book must have been made by some artsy-mama back in the day for their little boy at Christmas. I only scanned in a few of the pages (I may share more another day) but these were my favs as they are filled with cutouts of household objects 'n things. I love the faded images, the tattered edges and the perfectly random arrangement of the clippings. I'm thinking that little boy loved it too although (tsk, tsk) what the heck is that pack of Chesterfield's doing in a baby's picture book?


  1. Gosh, actually I find that little book rather moving -- the sense of connection with the person who made it is still so strong. Lovely!

  2. It does have such a sense of connection still. I had considered framing up some of the pages but am leaving it together as I can't bear to take it apart.