January 7, 2011

To Do List Confession

Confession: I make a lot of "to do" lists and I have a peculiar habit. Many times I will write down a task that has already been completed just so I can have the satisfaction of physically crossing it off my list. I realize this is redundant and a waste of time but I can't shake the habit. It's like I have to see every single mundane task of my life stricken out. Do you ever do this? Have you ever done this? Please confess so I know I'm not alone.


  1. Ha! So funny. I do. I also sometimes cross an item off when its almost done then regret it when its totally done because I am deprived of the real satisfaction.

  2. lol...yes I've done this and continue to do this. My husband has a great deal of fun laughing at me too.

  3. right there with ya, I have done this forever each journal laying around my house has the date and list I get so excited to go back and make a checkmark next to it.
    I used to cross it out but then I thought wait...I want to go back and see what I accomplished years ago that made me so happy.
    Even if it was, dust the furniture.
    Now I have a huge Chalkboard painted door to make my lists on and for all to see who walk into my house. Right now Goals for 2011 is the featured list.
    So nope you are not alone in this sickness.
    Take care and keep making those lists.

  4. You are absolutely not alone....many of us share this "compulsion"...including me! Where would the world be without the listmakers...and especially the serious list-makers!!! cheers!

  5. Oh my gosh! Ya'll are really great to share this crazy habit with me. It's good to know I'm not alone. Maybe I'll start doing it more (and not feel one bit guilty about it)!

  6. I've been doing it for years - seems we're not alone!