February 7, 2011

Resolutions Report

The Sun by Lizzie Scott, chalk on chalkboard

Thought I'd give you a resolutions report even though I suppose it's more for my benefit to do this 'cuz once again--it keeps my butt on track. I promise not to do this every month of the year!
Here goes:
  1. Make a Kiva loan to a fellow artisan on the first day of every month for 12 months. I now have 2 loans under my belt and am HAPPY to report that some of you have jumped on board with this too. Yay! Thank you for joining me--ya'll know who you are!
  2. Get Sushipot more involved via social media. Been tweeting 'n twittering all month long and have built up a group of followers, 130 members and growing! Thanks guys! Also, a Facebook fan page has been established this month. If you do the Facebook thing come be my friend! And...I discovered Instagram a few days ago. Ton of fun for photo sharing via these above mentioned outlets.
  3. Do my very best to use this every day. Last but not least, this personal goal of mine has had its stops and starts throughout the month. There was a bit of a debate as to where it would get the most use and I finally plopped it in the dining room (for the winter months at least)! Talk about a visual reminder when I'm stuffing my face. Ha!
So there you have it, my resolutions report after month one. I'd love to hear how your resolutions are coming along (or not!) if you wanna share.

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