March 9, 2011

Fabric Figures

These fabric figures were picked up at an antique store last year and have been quietly sitting in my studio since. I love the primitive, mummified form of the one and the more tailored, sculptural form of the other. They are perfect objects in and of themselves which makes it hard implement any changes however slight. That said, I've been having a nagging urge to tattoo the sculptural one with snippets of these. What do you think? I cannot decide.


  1. ooh I love them!!
    No no don't touch them unless you are going to add a great odd head to it.
    Oh shoot they totally remind me of a girls art that I love but I can't remember her name right now, she is in a magazine in my studio, I must send you her work you would love it.

  2. So funny, I've been thinking about tattoos too. I'm intrigued with the embroidery samples and yet I love the naked forms without any adornment as well. Whatever you choose it will be wonderful.

  3. Thanks for the input y'all! So if i do "tattoo" them I'll be asking forgiveness from Amy :)