May 23, 2011

'Round The Studio

Images from in and 'round the studio recently (mostly from this past weekend). I've been assembling new pieces, sorting objects and gleaning collage material. It feels good to stay busy and I'll have some fun things to share with you very soon.


  1. I'm fascinated by those blocks/cards all with 41 or 43 on them -- what can it mean? But everyone knows the answer to everything is ... 42

  2. such enchanting things in your studio! oh how i wish i could see your studio in person!!

  3. Jane--the number cards are the backs of some sort of puzzle/game. Ha! Yes, 42 is the answer ;)

    Thank you Teri! I'll try to post more pics of my studio over the summer :) Usually bad lighting in here 'cuz its in the basement and has only one window for natural light.