October 17, 2011

Chippy Paint

Raise your hand if you have a thing for chippy paint! I know I do and from the looks of it so does my Instagram-ing spouse Patrick (aka elasticity). Thought you'd enjoy his collection of images documenting peeling paint that adorns decaying facades in and around Manhattan, Kansas.


  1. I really love crackling paint like this.... I wish colored paint was in the collection, down by the La Jolla beach in San Diego there is this teal colored fence thats crackling, it gives it such a nice touch.

  2. Yep! My hand's up. I especially love chipped paint around harbours mixed with rust.

  3. http://flanneryokafka.blogspot.com/2011/09/wonder-woman.html
    yes, I completely understand!

  4. Mmmm! A chippy teal fence sounds delicious indeed.

    I'm seeing all your raised hands. Guess we're not alone then ;)

    Thanks for that link Andrea! What a great photo backdrop.

  5. yummy! i was in Bourne , Massachusetts today - the gateway town to Cape Cod, when I stumbled upon a little shack that had such goodies as real lobster traps and a bin full of REAL buoys! I was in heaven. They were closing up - it was 15minutes PAST the advertised closing time on their door, so I didn't DARE ask to run back to my van to grab my camera to photograph these in all of their loveliness. But I did grab four and begged them to sell them to me. THEY DID! I will post about them when I get them up... I scored a white and neon pink, an orange and white, and a lavender, I think, lol. I also grabbed my sister a yellow one - with a fabulous old rope with some sort of fancy nautical knot in it.

  6. Hi Gina! Sounds like heaven to me too ;) Old buoys are soooo gorgeous but they always allude me. Good you got 'em while you could--what a chippy treasure find!


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