December 19, 2011

The Bargain Barrel

The Bargain Barrel is a hidden gem for thrifter's here in Manhattan, Kansas. It's a small, second hand shop off the beaten path but is always chock-ful of surprises. You never know what you'll find among their varied selection and I have never left empty-handed or more realistically with an empty trunk!

It's family-owned and family-run by a father/daughter team, Phil Petty and Kelsey Currie (how cool is that?). In fact I learned that Kelsey is one of my loyal blog readers (*waves at Kelsey*) the last time I stopped in a couple weeks ago. She keeps the place in tip-top shape and has everything organized with fun labels so it's a pleasure to browse.

And...I cannot mention The Bargain Barrel without introducing Chicken, the shop's cat-in-residence. Chicken was adopted as a kitten when she was found in the dumpster at a nearby Kentucky Fried Chicken. She's such a friendly-lickin' cat and adds character to the shop--there's even a sign on the front door warning customers that Chicken likes to lick (see first photo)!

I've amassed quite a collection of vintage beads which I love using in pieces like The Circus Wagon.

The glass cabinets are always fully stocked with vintage and antique treasures at very reasonable prices.

If you collect vinyls, this is definitely a place to browse. We even picked up some old records for our antique Victrola on a recent visit.

A couple of the aisles are stocked with random hardware, tools and old objects of interest. You know....the kind of stuff that appeals to assemblage artists.

Speaking of hidden treasures, this fun floral print was lining the drawer of a old wooden cubby. I resisted but it was kinda hard. Patrick says "NO MORE FURNITURE"!

A jar 'o buttons on the front counter. Need I say more?

Drool. Love the graphics. I may have to go back and get the Tiddly Winks 'cuz I keep thinking of that cute clown with his polka dot suit.

So....if you've lost your marbles or if your passing through The Little Apple be sure to stop in The Bargain Barrel and see what hidden treasures are waiting for you!


  1. Thank you so much for the kind post! I'm glad you enjoy the shop and Chicken says hello!

  2. Glad you like the post Kelsey!! I'm sure we'll stop in again soon after the holidays :)

  3. What an awesome shop! Wish I lived a little closer.

  4. Ah, the bargain barrel! One of the cutest thrift stores I've been to. Great post!

  5. Yes indeed Beth! Glad you enjoyed the post.