December 9, 2011

Dad's Office Decor

Lizzie has made sure that Patrick's office at school is properly decked out for the holidays. He's more a 'glass half empty' sort of guy thus the Charlie Brown tree!

Lights 'round the white board and a Dr. Suessian-like tree drawn by Lizzie. By the way, all her drawings of xmas trees this year have only ONE ornament..."just like Dad's". ha ha ha!

No...they didn't consume 13 boxes of candy canes. Those happen to be for Patrick's lucky students but...

....they did get crafty and turn some into candy cane reindeer!

Happy weekend all :)

PS: A big thank you to Patrick for the Hipstamatic photos.


  1. Love the tree and her drawing! I made those same candy can reindeer 30 years ago in kindergarten...I think my mum still has one!

  2. Glad y'all enjoyed these pictures. I remember making one of those back in the day too :) Andrea, that's great your mom still has one!! Wonder what peppermint tastes like after 30 years? lol!