March 5, 2012

Found Clowns

While we were out 'n about this weekend I found a few clowns. My favorite is this roly poly fellow. I was inspired by the old clown troupe image to create a little video to show off his delightful roly poly action. Not sure if the little wooden characters are clowns but they could be and they fit into the theme quite nicely. As for the ring toss--Lizzie has claimed it and has become quite adept at helping the clown catch his toy. It looks like we're in for a F-U-N-filled week!


  1. Oh such fun, little troop of men may be skittles. Usually 10 to a set and a hard ball to knock em down. Someone may be able to identify the clown troop as the face paint for each character is different. Regards Joan

  2. Thank you so much for this tip Joan! Skittles sound like fun--kinda a bowling game for kids? I'll look 'em up for sure.

  3. Great Finds, I love that clowns are almost always painted w/ the primary colors.