September 9, 2012

Sundays Fundays

Lizzie hasn't missed wearing her Little Miss Sunshine, Sundays Fundays shirt, for a Sunday since she got it over a year ago. Now Sunday's are officially our family fun-day. (I swear she was having fun despite that look. hah!)

Today we decided to take our co-pilot bike trailer on a long-ish ride and explore the Linear Trail here in Manhattan. It was a gorgeous Kansas day and before we knew it we'd covered over 6 miles and then had to pedal back to our car.

Twelve-ish miles is not bad for us and the longest ride for Lizzie yet. And yes...she did pedal the entire way!

Of course we had to stop for a few Instagram shots on an old bridge.

Patrick is Mr. Chippy Paint over on IG. You can find him @elasticity if chippy paint is your thing.

I don't mind stopping for Patrick's chippy paint images 'cuz he's always patiently stopping for my "just-a-quick-look-see" at antique malls 'n thrift shops when we're out and about. I'm tellin' ya....marriage is all about compromise ;)

Mom (me!) insisted on a quick family snapshot at the end of our trail. We all agreed it was a great Sunday Funday....

....and then we polished off our day with "bicycle soup". Hope you had a Sunday Funday too!


  1. 12 miles is impressive! And I am a fan of the chippy paint pics!

    1. I'll tell Pat you like his chippy paint pictures. He'll love to hear it!!