October 17, 2013

Around The World

Around The World In 80 Days by Jules Verne, 1950 Classics Illustrated #69, Illustrated by H.C. Kiefer

In a new twist on an old classic, my brother Andy is planning to travel around the world in 80 hours. As a kid, Andy loved reading Jules Verne's books. Now as an adult and video journalist he's setting out on his own adventure 'round the world. In Andy's words:

Is the technology revolution making the world a better place? By attempting to travel around the world in 80 hours, stopping in five cities to talk to fellow travelers, experts and the man on the street. Asking questions like: Does technology make the world a better place? Does it make your life better? Can we overcome our social, political, economic and environmental issues through these technological advances, or are we doomed to repeat past mistakes as we rush into a technological future?

Andy has launched a Kickstarter to raise funds and awareness for this project. You can check out his video introduction and find out more here. Good luck Andy!


  1. Such a cool project Suzanna! I loved reading about it and the video!! Amazing!!