June 23, 2014

Aunt Helen's Obsession

A few months ago I made an impulse purchase on Etsy and have been meaning to share it with you ever since it arrived. Lucky for me I came across this potpourri of old buttons lovingly stitched to a bright yellow cloth and cardboard backing. Debra of Saffron Colored Pony says the "buttons in this collection called Aunt Helen's obsession. Sewing buttons onto card stock, mostly in a pleasing manner. They come to you on their original cardboard backing that Aunt Helen culled." I dare say I share in Aunt Helen's obsession. Do you?

And....there is another of Aunt Helen's button cards available here.


  1. I find this fascinating! A great find. I must admit I do share yours and Aunt Helen's obsession and one that I am certain I inherited from my mother. I remember her buying some tins containing lots of assorted buttons once when I was little. We spent that winter sorting them so that buttons that were the same were all in little piles together. Then, she cut up cereal boxes and we sewed them on so they could be easily stored and used in later sewing projects. She never did manage to use up all those buttons and I just sold the remainder of them at our garage sales. I myself have a jar that once contained gelato which holds my own personal collection of mother-of-pearl buttons. I find it oddly relaxing to sit and look at them. I think they remind me of my mother!

    Thank you for sharing your find here!


    1. What a wonderful memory of you mother! Thank you for sharing your story. Lizzie loves to sit and sort through my stash of buttons too. She saw this and asked if we could make a button card sometime with her favorite ones so it looks like this obsession may be passed onto another generation :)