October 7, 2014

Jingle Bells

There has been a distinct rustling of jingle bells here at Sushipot as I work on all sorts of holiday goodies for the shop.

Lotsa vintage ornaments hanging around the studio these days including some kitschy, hand-painted wooden ones from the decade I was born.

Yes, the holiday blocks are coming along nicely and will be ready to go in the shop early next week. No....I didn't snip these snippets with giant shears....they are just a prop and the largest pair of scissors I own ;)

In other news we found a pair of acorn twinsies on a recent Autumn walk. There are always treasures to be found....you just gotta look.


  1. Oh! The second I saw that card of jingle bells, I could hear them!! My mother loved them (the bigger and more jangly, the better!), so seeing them makes me think of her!! :-)
    Thank you for your visit to The Tearoom!!