February 26, 2010

Melting Snow

Lizzie and I ventured outside yesterday afternoon to view the remnants of our latest snowfall. There are only a few scattered traces of it and they are quickly disappearing. The forecast over the weekend here in Manhattan, Kansas is for a high in the mid 40's. Dare we dream of spring?

A leaf waiting for decomposition.

Back inside, muddy shoes off.

These toes are ready for spring!

Our weekend plans are simple: grocery shopping, studio time and a walk. What are yours?


  1. No snow here, actually the blossoms thought it was spring earlier in the week when the sun wouldn't quit - it was great...and for the last few days the rain came to chill things down a bit.

    My weekend, cooking, a few walkies and hopefully a good documentary.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Jo! Happy March to you and yours :) --Suzanna