March 2, 2010

Sushipot Vignette no 1

Sushipot Vignette no 1 is the first in a series of images that I will be sharing with you. Each vignette will be composed of a grouping of objects found in and around my home or studio. This vignette features objects on top of an old hardware store bin that is on the right side of my workspace. Keep an eye out for Vignette no 2 at some point next week.


  1. Is this a Polaroid? It's interesting.

  2. you are amazing... really.

    you're vignettes are gonna do well on etsy.. another brilliant idea!


  3. i just went to your shop and realized you aren't selling the prints... oops! if you did, i bet they'd sell well!

  4. Thanks Liz! plans to sell them as prints (don't have a good printer!) Just planning to list the vignettes as a visual treat for my blog readers :)