October 13, 2010

I Love Turning Pages

One of many benefits in starting this blog nine months ago has been the connection to designers and artists around the globe who share an analogous fondness for the little things in life. For instance, I love Turning Pages, a blog by the talented Ellen van de Sande, a graphic designer of North Holland, Netherlands. Ellen's blog is full of wonderful design finds and from time to time she shares images from her amazing collection of vintage games. When you visit Ellen's blog be sure not to miss the side bar filled with her doodles--they are a definite treat!


  1. Hi Suzanna! Thanks so much for blogging about me! I'm so flattered by your words, really! Great choice of images by the way...

  2. I'm so glad you posted about Turning Pages for I had neglected to bookmark it before. Now I can. Many thanks!

  3. My pleasure Ellen! Your collection of old games is incredible. Thanks for letting me share them with my readers.

    Great Lisa! Glad you were able to rediscover Turning Pages. Thanks for stopping by.