October 14, 2010

One Fall Walk

Finally....the leaves are starting to turn here in Kansas. Lizzie and I found the above evidence on one of our recent Fall walks. Our routine 1.1 mile jaunt around the neighborhood always produces new things to document.

A bird flying south for winter? There were so many soaring overhead but the snapshot only caught one.

The destination during this time of year are some large jack-o'-lantern yard ornaments in a cul-de-sac we pass. As long as I promise that we'll "visit the pumpkins" I have a very willing walking partner.

Our crossroads.

Once home we empty our pockets and document the treasures on the front stoop. Polly Pocket always claims the acorn tops for use as hats and bowls.


  1. Polly Pocket is a lucky girl to have acorn tops for hats and bowls.

    I'm going to have to go for a walk tomorrow and fill my pockets.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kim! Hope you found some treasures on your walk :)