March 14, 2011

Happy Pi(e) Day

Happy Pi(e) Day Folks!

I say the only proper way to celebrate Pi Day is the most obvious way... a slice of pie!

Don't forget to pour yourself a cuppa coffee too! I must add that all these images are from a 1955 issue of Better Living magazine. Did you know that pie not only tastes good but pi sounds good too? I leave you with a little Pi Day music:


  1. oh pi sounds so pretty!
    Loved it.
    Thanks for a happy post.
    Just blogged today about how no one seems happy anymore!
    You hit the target for the day Suzanna!

  2. Glad you liked the pi music Amy :) Patrick (hubby) sent me the link a couple days ago (he's the math geek in my life). Here's to a happy Pi Day!!

  3. too funny, I am so not a math person flunked algebra 3 times in H.S. eeks!
    I hate it but loved it set to music.
    Maybe they should teach math to music in schools and there would be more math geeks in the world LOL


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