March 7, 2011

My Box Of Books

My outing to our local library book sale this weekend was a big success. I spent a couple hours browsing and called it quits when I knew I couldn't carry any more back to the car.

I scored a good sized pile for Lizzie (mostly vintage!) including an Ed Emberley book (below) which I'll share in more detail on another day.

The one big purchase of the day at $5.00 was this 1915 publication titled Marvels of our Bodily Dwelling by Mrs. Mary Wood-Allen, M.D. The entire purchase was under $20.00 and I was given a Shiner Bock box to carry away all my loot.

Several books were chosen entirely for their flyleaf pattern.

As expected, I spent a lot of time in the crafty book section. The majority of my box was filled with books 'n booklets on a variety of arts n' handicrafts.

Check out this macrame couple! Someday I need a pair these hanging on my wall. Maybe Patrick would take up this crafty cause with me--I could totally see us knotting these up together (yeah right!).

Anyhow, now I have lots of new patterns to peruse and ideas to simmer.

Hope your weekend was beautiful too.


  1. wow you did hit the jackpot!
    Every once in awhile our library will have books that are amazing but is few and far between.
    I am in love with the leaf patterns oh my so darn cute!
    Looks like you had a great weekend, thanks for the bday wishes :)

  2. Never had luck like this at library book sales when we lived in Alabama. I was glad to find out this one is better!

  3. that's amazing! I have to admit I'm a little envious as I'm a book collector myself and these look awesome... I'd have more in my house if I wasn't afraid of our apartment turning into storage!

    Love your blog btw :)

  4. Welcome HibouCards! You are very wise--my house and studio kinda do look like a storage unit. I'm dreading our next move. lol!