August 23, 2011

Salesman Button Sampler

This old salesman sampler of buttons 'n buckles has been sitting in my studio for months and was finally placed in the shop. I kinda had to come to terms with letting it go to a true button collector. As you know, I love, love, love me some buttons but I'm more the sifting, sorting type of "collector" who loves to play with them and use them in my own projects. Of course, the OCDish side of me wants to just sit and admire the beautiful neatness of these pages! The Patent Button Company of Waterbury, Connecticut was founded way back in 1876. I found some interesting history on the company while surfing the interwebs but I just gotta say--they sure set their salesmen up for success--didn't they?


  1. this is an amazing find.
    i love this, there is no way I could let it out of my hands if I owned it.
    WOW just seeing how much times have changed by seeing this.
    What a history.

  2. That's amazing. I can see why it's so hard to let go of.

  3. Now that's what I call bona fide treasure! How on earth do you find these things! You are a true treasure-magnet. :D

  4. Yes ladies--I'll most likely be kicking myself in a couple years for having let this one out of my studio. Maybe it will never sell! lol.